Vaginoplasty in Michigan

Over the past 35 years thousands of women have sought Dr. Berenholz‘s advice regarding vaginal relaxation or vaginoplasty in Michigan. Many were women who had children and never regained their sensation during sex. Many of these patients complained to their gynecologist about their vaginal relaxation only to be told to go home and continue performing Keagle exercises. Unfortunately, women felt this response was both unsatisfactory and many times did not alleviate their problem. Dr. Berenholz realized that this was a serious problem. He has performed thousands of elective vaginal tightening procedures and restored confidence for so many women. Vaginal tightening procedures were scoffed at by many of his colleagues but as time went on many of these same physicians have sought Dr. Berenholz’s expertise. His pioneering work performing laser vaginal tightening surgery has brought a renewed quality of life to countless women.

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens vaginal muscles. Women who benefit from this procedure include women who have had multiple childbirths. With each child, vaginal muscles tend to become enlarged due to expansion of the muscles during delivery. For some women, this can cause vaginal muscles to become weak or loose. It can be difficult to tighten the muscles through means other than surgery. While many physicians recommend Kegal exercises, they do not always result in the change women seek.


Because vaginoplasty surgery tightens vaginal muscles, a direct result is often heightened sexual satisfaction. As a result, patients who undergo the procedure can experience a boost in confidence as well. Patients also experience increased control over vaginal muscles, which can help with incontinence and other issues caused by the weakening of muscles in the vaginal area.

Medical Solutions

Some women experience vaginal prolapse due to weakened muscles in the pelvic region. In this case, ligaments and muscles along the vaginal wall weaken, causing organs supported by the ligaments to sag or fall out of their normal positions. Dr. Berenholz has years of experience diagnosing and correcting this condition and related ones. He can provide the medical solution you seek to these and related conditions.

If you feel you could benefit from vaginoplasty or if you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of a vaginal prolapsed, contact our office to schedule an appointment and evaluation.