Uterine Prolapse

By Dr. Joseph Berenholz

Vaginal or pelvic relaxation is a condition that affects 30 million women in America. It is most often brought on by the effects of aging and/or childbirth, though in some women, it is attributable to the inherent weakness of supporting muscles, fascia and ligaments; obesity; or an increase in abdominal pressure or strain. In its minor form, the condition is marked by changes in bowel habits or urinary incontinence, i.e. the loss of urine when coughing/sneezing, laughing, or engaging in physical or sexual activities. In more advanced cases, this lack of support for the pelvic organs can lead to uterine prolapse or similar problems. Organs fall or protrude into the vagina, sometimes necessitating surgery or the use of a TOT sling. Dr. Joseph Berenholz has extensive experience in the treatment of all types of pelvic organ prolapse, including:

  • Cystocele – the protrusion of the bladder into the vagina
  • Rectocele – the protrusion of the rectum into the vagina
  • Urethrocele – the protrusion of the urethra into the vagina


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