Urogynecology is a field of medicine that incorporates its name the practice of gynecology and urology. A urologist would be focused primarily on all things ranging between the kidney down to the urethra of a person. A gynecologist who has the ability to also do urologic work is addressing issues of prolapse or relaxation in the vagina. Dr. Joseph Berenholz has been practicing gynecology as well as performing Urogynecologic procedures for well over 30 years. Pelvic relaxation vaginal looseness, incontinence all form a pattern of symptoms that requires the expertise that Dr. Joseph Berenholz has possessed for several decades. Whether it’s vaginal rejuvenation surgery or the insertion of a Solyx mid-urethral sling of which Dr. Berenholz has done hundreds, Dr. Berenholz has been able to obtain excellent results whether his work is surgical or noninvasive in nature.

Treatments that would be included in this sub-specialty:

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