ULTRA FEMME 360™ in Michigan

While there are many thermal energy devices on the market for the purpose of vaginal rejuvenation, perhaps nothing has been more exciting effective and easy to use by the physician then ULTRA FEMME 360™. Dr. Joseph Berenholz has been using thermal energy devices for vaginal rejuvenation for many years. He was a luminary speaker on behalf of ThermiVa and the Thermigen Corporation. Once Dr. Joseph Berenholz used ULTRA FEMME 360™ he realized there was no device comparable in ease-of-use speed and effectiveness than ULTRA FEMME 360™

The thermal energy technology of ULTRA FEMME 360™ statement stimulates the lamina propria layer beneath the vaginal epithelium. This induces a massive response of collagen and elastin formation thus giving the vagina a more snug and tighter feel. It also stimulates the cells to produce more moisture and lubrication through the walls of the vagina. Ultra femme also rejuvenates the nerve endings to the vagina enhancing sensation for the patient. The deposition of collagen and elastin around the neck of the bladder using ULTRA FEMME 360™ has resulted in a tremendous improvement for the treatment of urinary stress incontinence. There is no one in the state of Michigan that has performed more ULTRA FEMME 360™ therapies than Dr. Joseph Berenholz. While he speaks for the BTL Corporation Dr. Berenholz has tried almost every other modality of vaginal rejuvenation using thermal devices and finds ULTRA FEMME 360™ to be superior to all other protocols.

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