Sexual Dysfunction Therapy


Dr. Berenholz has been at the forefront of sexual dysfunction therapy for the past 35 years. Thanks to new innovation and research in this field of study Dr. Berenholz is pleased to offer for the first time a new and FDA approved peptide for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.


PT141 has been approved for female sexual dysfunction by the FDA.

This new peptide hormone affects the neurologic system versus affecting the vascular system as does Viagra for men. Incredibly most patients will see a marked improvement in their libido within hours. While all other medications seem to have failed PT141 has provided an effective answer to this problem. Call Dr. Berenholz at 248 86504264 for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this miraculous new medication.

Dr. Berenholz is conducting a federally approved study which includes the subject of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. These patient volunteers will be placed on the electromagnetic Emsella chair for two therapies each week for three weeks for a total of six treatments. Patients will be asked questions regarding their sexual dysfunction previous to the study and immediately afterward as well as one-month intervals for three months.

Please contact Dr. Berenholz for more information or to book a consultation. 248-865-0426