Labiaplasty in Michigan

Labiaplasty – Labia Majora Reduction

Labiaplasty surgery is becoming the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the United States. Sagging labia majora is typically the result of childbirth or excessive weight loss or aging. No matter what the cause, sagging relaxed labia majora can be unsightly and aesthetically unpleasant for the patient. The offensive expression “camel toe “is the result of the appearance which occurs with excess labia majora tissue. Dr. Berenholz has been doing labia majora reduction surgery (Labiaplasty), in Michigan, for the past 17 years. Many of the patients complain of discomfort wearing tight fitted clothing such as bathing suits and yoga pants. most women are embarrassed by this sagging appearance of their vulvar structures and it has a considerable impact on their self-esteem and body image. Labia majora reduction surgery helps these patients regain the confidence they need. Dr. Berenholz was the first cosmetic gynecologist in Michigan to perform labia majora reduction surgery.

Labiaplasty – Labia Minora Reduction

The enlargement of the labia minora produces irritation with tight fitted clothing, bike riding, exercise and problems with intimacy. Many women report their dissatisfaction with the size of their labia minora ever since adolescence. Labia reduction surgery allows a woman to improve her self-esteem with regard to her body image and to avoid the bulkiness appearance wearing tight fitted clothing or bathing suits.

Labiaplasty in Michigan

Having performed over 1500 Labiaplasty in the past 17 years, Dr. Berenholz has offered a solution to a problem that so many women were too embarrassed to discuss.

Labia reduction surgery has become the most requested form of plastic surgery in the United States if not the world. Millions of women suffer from enlarged labia minora which causes them great discomfort in tightfitting clothing as well as with exercise. Aesthetically women find this condition most embarrassing. Their large labia make many women self-conscious during intimacy. Aesthetically, women complain that their large labia causes the appearance of a bulge in their bathing suits and tight fitted exercise outfits. Dr. Berenholz performs labia reduction surgery in both his office under local anesthetic with no discomfort whatsoever and sometimes has performed labia reduction surgery in an outpatient hospital facility for more complex cases. He was the first physician in the midwest to introduce laser labiaplasty and Designer laser vaginoplasty. Countless women have written to Dr. Berenholz and thanked him for restoring their self-confidence and improved body image.

Unfortunately, some women have had labiaplasty surgery performed by less experienced physicians. This has resulted in less than satisfactory outcomes. Because of Dr. Joseph Berenholz’s expertise in labiaplasty many women call for a consultation regarding “botched labiaplasty”. Also known as “Labiaplasty revision”, it is another procedure that Dr. Berenholz performs. Many physicians both gynecologist and primary physicians have referred these patients to Dr. Berenholz for revision labia surgery.

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