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Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence

Overactive bladder or involuntary loss of urine has been a problem for millions of women throughout the United States. Perhaps no one has been more innovative or at the forefront of new technological advances in this area as has Dr. Joseph Berenholz. For years doctors have tried to control overactive bladder with medication. In many instances, the medication works but unfortunately, the side effects leave patients unhappy and noncompliant. Surgery cannot correct this problem but now Dr. Berenholz has the answer. High Intensity Electromagnetic Wave Therapy with the Emsella Chair has provided near miraculous improvements in many of his patients. Incontinence affects nearly 30 million women in the United States and produces a cost in pads and diapers to the tune of billions of dollars. But incontinence can be controlled without medication and without surgery for many patients with the Emsella chair. Dr. Berenholz was the first physician in the United States to conduct the first full study of the electromagnetic high-intensity therapy for incontinence. This therapy is now available for women around the country. Dr. Berenholz has patients traveling from all over the state of Michigan so that they may treat what would seem to be a hopeless situation of overactive bladder and urinary stress incontinence.

Emsella Study

Dr. Berenholz is conducting a federally approved study which includes the subject of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. These patient volunteers will be placed on the electromagnetic Emsella chair for two therapies each week for three weeks for a total of six treatments. Patients will be asked questions regarding their sexual dysfunction previous to the study and immediately afterward as well as one-month intervals for three months.

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