Hormone Therapy

Do you feel exhausted every day, trouble sleeping,having hot flashes and night sweats, a decreased libido and no interest in sex, and just an overall sense of irritability?If you answered yes to these questions ,you very well may be suffering from some type of hormonal imbalance which can impact women of any age but especially women of perimenopausal or menopausal age. Many of you have heard of the phrase bio identical hormone‘s or natural hormones but you aren’t sure what those words mean. Bio identical hormones are just what it implies they are hormones which are biologically identical to the very hormones your body produces naturally.


Dr. Berenholz has been an expert in hormone replacement therapy for nearly 37 years and has a long-standing practice which specializes in treating patients with the very bio identical hormones mentioned here. Our preferred usage of hormones and application is in the form of pellets. These pellets are very small in size close to the size of a grain of rice. the pellets are inserted without nearly any discomfort under the patient’s skin. Using this method patients can enjoy a steady state of hormonal advantages which of been shown in clinical studies to have far fewer side effects when compared to trans dermal applications as well as taking hormones orally Patients enjoy the convenience of having this method of natural hormone replacement therapy. Placing these pallets under the skin has been shown repeatedly in various clinical studies to have far fewer adverse side effects when compared to taking pills orally. Patients prefer this method as well because it can last anywhere from 3 to 5 months and eliminates the need to constantly apply trans dermal creams or take a pill daily which causes repeated spikes in their hormone levels.


Dr. Berenholz’s experience with pellet hormone therapy repeatedly shows that this modality seems to work far quicker and offers more relief of symptoms when compared to the gels creams and pills of daily use. Patient’s rate this form of hormone replacement therapy very high and patients tend to continue with his therapy due to these improved outcomes and sense of well-being


Pellet therapy has become quite popular and has been featured on numerous radio and television shows and it is a excellent option for women Who are experiencing symptoms of hormonal change.


Perhaps no one in the Midwest United States has had more success and experience with hormone pellets then Dr. Joseph Berenholz. While the popularity of hormone pellet therapy grows by leaps and bounds it is not completely new technology. Hormone therapy use of pellet insertion‘s goes back to 1938. This is therefore not experimental therapy but only an improvement of therapy of a well-established practice of replacing women’s hormones . the beauty of pellet therapy is that it delivers a consistent physiological level of estrogen progesterone and testosterone and easily avoids all the fluctuations that one sees with other methods of hormone delivery systems. estrogen delivered by pellet insertion is able to maintain all the normal ratios of estradiol to estrone.


One of the other physiologic advantages Of implanting pellets subcutaneously is that the hormone bypasses the liver and therefore does not have an impact on clotting factors and therefore does not increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Bio identical testosterone delivered in the subcutaneous manner is actually cardiac protective unlike the usage of synthetic testosterone orally. There also does not seem to be much of any adverse affect on patient’s lipid levels liver function blood pressure or their levels of glucose.


Within two weeks of implantation of these pellets ,patients immediately begin to report an improvement in their sex drive. They also happily report that their vaginal dryness is gone and they are able to resume normal sexual activity with their partners and thus no further pain during intercourse. Dr. Berenholz has also reported that irritability, headaches, depression and even the pain of fibromyalgia patients seem to improve dramatically.


The impact on bone health using hormone replacement therapy in the form of estrogen and testosterone pellets is far superior to the oral and topical usage of such hormones. The prevention of bone loss occurs with this modality and in many cases can actually increase density of the bone structure. Patients enjoy this natural protection of their bones as many have reported a great number of complications and adverse side effects of bone density therapies using Bisphosphonates.


Testosterone pellets continue to improve such complaint as hot flashes loss of libido depression and fatigue without impacting the effects and benefits of estrogen on the heart and it’s lipid profile. questions of increased risk of breast cancer with these pellets is not born out by research. Compared to the women’s health initiative study where Prempro and a synthetic testosterone were used ,pellets in fact show a reduction in the incidence of breast cancer when both estrogen and testosterone pellets are given. Surprisingly after many years of a research the risk for breast cancer is less in women who are treated with bio identical hormones in the form of pellets compared to women who have either used synthetic hormones or no hormones at all.


This history of extremely low numbers of side effects with pellet therapy produces a favorable history of compliance among patients. Aside from the known benefits of testosterone replacement therapy women report alleviation of many of the arthralgias involved in fibromyalgia syndromes as well as a reduction in migraine headaches. testosterone therapy for men in the form of pellets has been shown to be very effective and safe. Because these pellets are compounded specifically for patients and is not marketed to the public, FDA approval is not required.


Dr. Berenholz’s long term experience with pellet hormone therapy for both women and men has shown that this therapy is safe and is probably the best modality for treating patients who suffer from hormonal imbalance. it is in his opinion the most cost-effective therapy he can offer his patients. there is a wealth of research data which supports the safety and efficacy of hormonal pellets .We urge you to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Berenholz so that you can understand the benefits and effectiveness and anti-aging effects of pellet hormonal therapy.