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Semaglutide promotes a program for weight loss and maintains weight loss as well. It works by decreasing the appetite. It is also important to know that changes to diet and exercise have to be used along with this medication. This is a medically supervised weight loss program offered by Dr. Berenholz in Michigan. Here’s how semaglutide works to promote weight loss

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This new weight loss medication which is known as a GLP-1 receptor agonist mimics the actual GLP-1 hormone which is known as an incretin. This incretin hormone makes the body sense when there is food in the intestines. These hormones which are released within minutes of having a meal aid in the function of digestion and appetite suppression. Incretins trigger the pancreas to release an adequate amount of insulin to meet the challenges of higher glucose levels in the circulation.

This helps move the glucose from the blood into the body tissues such as muscle where it is used for energy. The hormone also blocks other sources of glucose. GLP one hormone can aid in the digestion of food by slowing the gastric emptying or speed at which food leaves our stomach leaving you feeling full fuller longer after a meal once again using Semaglutide weight loss program along with lifestyle changes usually is associated with long-term sustained reduction in body weight.

Semaglutide is a remarkable medication that helps your body hormonally respond to hunger by signaling the brain more efficiently that you are actually full. By doing this as well as slowing the gastric emptying of your stomach you feel fuller quicker during consumption of a meal. The medication additionally controls the response of the liver to make glucose in response to a meal keeping your glucose levels down. The impact of Semaglutide on weight loss can result in as much as 20% of your body weight being lost ultimately. The injections are easy to administer any time subcutaneously and can be done preferably one week apart from each injection. It does not have to be used with food and it does not have to be administered at the same time every week. Naturally with all these things being considered it is best that this program is supervised by a medical professional.

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