Bioidentical Hormones

We can’t stop you from aging but we certainly can make the aging process as painless as possible. If you are menopausal and you feel as though your brain is in a fog and you’re chronically fatigued and you have vaginal dryness, mood swings depression and libido issues then you are definitely a candidate for our hormone replacement pellets.

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Don't let the aging process get the best of you

Thanks to the introduction of bioidentical hormones in the form of pellets we can now keep you in a steady physiologic state of hormone adequacy just as though you were premenopausal. Dozens of our patients who are receiving hormone pellet therapy are feeling and looking great. Their insomnia is gone. Their sex drive is back and lubrication is no longer a problem. If however, you don’t wish to use pellets then we have other modalities of hormone therapy in the form of transdermal creams and lotions and patches. Don’t let the aging process get the best of you. Let me explain to you the safety of hormone therapy and dispel all the myths that surround estrogen replacement.

Male Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Men undergo declining testosterone levels starting in their mid-30s. This decline continues through their fourth fifth and sixth decade of life. The first thing they notice is a drop in energy and lack of stamina for exercise. Additionally they begin to display symptoms of low libido and some erectile dysfunction. While we know that erectile dysfunction is a vascular problem it is impacted as well by low testosterone levels. Testosterone pellets for men are bio identical molecularly as well as plant based.

As men become more lethargic and have a more sedentary lifestyle they begin to develop the now well-known mid abdominal gut. This predisposes them to such illnesses as hyperlipidemia and type II diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. There have been many articles published showing the effectiveness on insulin resistance by supplementary testosterone. This phase in a man’s life when testosterone becomes exceedingly low is called andropause. Dr. Joseph Berenholz has helped numerous men attain the vigor that they once experienced in their 20s with the insertion of testosterone pellets.


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