Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section we will address some of the most frequently asked questions that Michigan Center for Women’s Health receives either by E-mail or patient/physician telephone conversations. We also encourage you to have a telephone conversation with Dr. Berenholz to address your issues and discuss our procedures.

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Q. I am interested in having the procedure, can you explain more about it.

A. Because we offer numerous services it is hard to respond to a general question such as this. We have made every attempt to have a comprehensive, descriptive site with visual aids to assist you in identifying and determining your concerns and interest.

Q. I have had a child or a number of children and since then, things just aren’t the same vaginally. My vagina isn’t like it was before I had children. Sex just isn’t as gratifying as before. For me, having children resulted in vaginal enlargement, with loose, weak, vaginal muscles. My vaginal muscle tone is poor and the support outside the vagina at the bottom is poor also. I performed Kegals until I was blue in the face and they didn’t help me at all.
I didn’t know about this procedure. But I am happy to know that something can be done. Please explain to me how Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation can correct my problems and enhance sexual gratification.

A. Many women have your exact same problem, share your self-conscious concerns, and desire to enhance sexual gratification. Women are very concerned about their sexual health, sexual gratification, and procedures to enhance sexual gratification. Laser vaginal rejuvenation for the enhancement of sexual gratification is a modification of a standard gynecologic surgical procedure. The laser is used to perform precise, aesthetic surgical incisions. The techniques that we have developed result in a relatively bloodless procedure performed on an outpatient basis. In brief, we will tighten the vaginal muscles and support tissues, as well as reduce redundant vaginal mucosa (relaxed vaginal lining). The procedure will enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. It will effectively decrease the internal and outer (introitus) vaginal diameters, as well as build up the perineal body (the area immediately outside the vagina and above the anus). According to Masters and Johnson, sexual gratification for the female is directly related to the amount of frictional forces generated. We can accomplish this. Labiaplasty surgery can also provide an aesthetic enhancement of the external vaginal structures, resulting in a more youthful look.

As with all of our surgical procedures, you are an integral part of the team and we listen to you and abide by your wishes. In this procedure, the woman determines how tight she wants to be. In our survey: Guess what 100% of the women said!

Q. I have had several children. I have vaginal relaxation and I also lose urine when I laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise. This problem has really impacted on my life, it is socially embarrassing and hygienically unacceptable. Can I correct my urinary problem and enhance sexual gratification all at once?

A. Your urinary problem is called stress urinary incontinence. It is caused by the vaginal relaxation of the top part of the vaginal wall. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can correct your problem with stress urinary incontinence and enhance sexual gratification all at the same time.

Q. How long does laser vaginal rejuvenation take?

A. The surgical time depends on the extent of the procedure. In general, the procedure takes about one hour.

Q. I have vaginal relaxation of the bottom floor of the vaginal and the perineal body. Can I have laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A. In this case, we only need to repair the lower floor of the vagina and the perineal body (area immediately outside of the vagina). Usually, in this case, vaginal relaxation is less extensive. Laser vaginal rejuvenation will also enhance sexual gratification.

Q. I haven’t had any children but I have some vaginal relaxation and I would like to enhance vaginal muscle tone and strength as well as decrease the vaginal diameter. Can I have the procedure?

A. Depending on your circumstances you can be a candidate for the laser vaginal rejuvenation. Such procedures primarily involve the bottom part of the vagina and the perineal body.

Q. What types of anesthesia are available?

A. You can be provided with your choice of anesthesia by our anesthesiologist. (local, nerve block, epidural, spinal, IV sedation, general). Some types of anesthesia are procedure dependent.

Q. When can I resume sex after laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A. We ask that you abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. Oral sex may be resumed much earlier.

Q. When can I return to work after laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A. In general, returning to work is dependent on the type of work you do. Most patients can return within 5 to 7 days.

Q. I am from out of town. How long do I have to remain in Michigan after laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A. You can return home in 4 days.

Q. How much discomfort will I have after laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A. With our technique of submucosal tumescence, pudendal block with a long-acting local anesthetic, you will be pain-free for the first 18 to 24 hours. After this, patients report mild to moderate discomfort which can be controlled by analgesics and cold packs to the area.

Q. How much does laser vaginal rejuvenation cost?

A. Fees are all-inclusive of the surgical center, anesthesiologist, surgical assistant, surgeon, and follow-up. The fees depend on the type of procedure and the extent. A fee range can be provided once we know your particular needs.

Q. What are the surgical risks for laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A. Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a safe procedure with low risk. To put the risk in perspective, pregnancy is associated with far more risk than any of these procedures. Like any surgery, the risks are hemorrhage and infection. These are less than 1%. If one requires work on both the upper and lower vagina then there is a risk of injury to the bladder and the rectum. This is exceptionally rare and in many years of our surgical experience, we have not encountered any of these complications. With any surgery, one can encounter scarring. Overcorrection can potentially result in painful sex. Although rare there are anesthetic risks also depending on the type of anesthesia.

Q. Can laser vaginal rejuvenation be combined with designer laser vaginoplasty?

A. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can be combined with designer laser vaginoplasty such as laser reduction labiaplasty.

Q. Can laser vaginal rejuvenation or designer laser vaginoplasty be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures?

A. Yes, our team of gynecologists and plastic and reconstructive surgeons can combine laser vaginal rejuvenation or designer laser vaginoplasty with most cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast, nose, eye, or tummy tuck surgery.

Q. My inner vaginal lips (labia minora) are too long. Can I have them reduced?

A. The labia minora can be aesthetically sculptured to your specifications with laser reduction labioplasty. Dr. Berenholz is not just the only physician trained to perform laser vaginoplasty and labiaplasty in Michigan, but he is also the sole gynecologist in the Midwest trained in this technique. Many of our patients come from outside the state, so women seeking labiaplasty in Indiana, Ohio and surrounding states can also choose Dr. Berenholz for their surgery; out-of-state patients can return home in 2 days.

Q. Does Dr. Berenholz offer Hymenoplasty – Hymen Restoration in Michigan?

A.  For the past 25 years Dr. Joseph Berenholz has been helping women of various cultures to obtain Hymenoplasty. These women originate from cultures that put a great deal of emphasis on an intact hymen prior to marriage. Dr. Berenholz is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist who has helped many women restore their Hymens. This surgical procedure is done in a outpatient surgical setting and is given a high degree of patient confidentiality and privacy. The rebuilding of the hymenal tissue plays an important role for women in various foreign cultures. Dr. Berenholz has reconstructed numerous hymen in his practice and is considered an expert in this field.

Q. What other gynecologic conditions and procedures does Dr. Berenholz have experience with?

A. Dr. Berenholz has worked as an obstetrician/gynecologist in the Detroit area for over 20 years. In that time, he has successfully performed thousands of surgeries and delivered thousands of healthy babies. In addition to cosmetic surgery and vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Berenholz frequently treats women with these conditions:
Uterine prolapse – This condition is caused by the partial or full protrusion of the uterus into the vagina. This most often occurs in women who have had multiple vaginal births. Other vaginal prolapse types include cystocele (bladder protrusion), rectocele (rectum protrusion) and urethrocele (urethra protrusion). The general term for these conditions is pelvic organ prolapse.
Menorrhagia – Heavy and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding and sometimes abnormally painful periods are symptoms of menorrhagia. Dr. Berenholz was one of the early adopters of endometrial ablation treatment. Ablation of the uterine lining causes scarring or tissue buildup, which reduces and prevents uterine bleeding. The Novasure system is often used to treat menorrhagia. Electrical energy is applied to a mesh placed within the cavity, inducing thermal ablation.
Endometriosis – The development of uterine lining tissue in areas around, but outside of, the uterus. The symptoms of this condition include a heavy flow during periods, abdominal pain, and infertility. Treatments include pain relievers, birth control pills, and surgery. Endometrial ablation surgery removes involves the use of instruments to destroy excess uterine lining tissue by way of heat, electricity, lasers, or freezing.

Q. How do I found out more about laser vaginal rejuvenation and designer laser vaginoplasty?

A. Dr. Berenholz has treated women from over 35 states and 20 countries. If you are interested in laser vaginoplasty or labiaplasty in Wisconsin, Illinois or elsewhere in the U.S. or overseas, call 248-865-0426 or email us at or via our online contact form.

Q. Are heavy periods an indication of a problem?

A. This can be a symptom of some conditions. In addition, pain that often accompanies periods is also a concern that can frequently be remedied. If you have any concerns, Dr. Berenholz can address them. As a professional with 20 years of experience, he knows which questions to ask and which tests to conduct in order to make a proper diagnosis.