Millions of women suffer from the pain and bleeding of FIBROID TUMORS of the uterus. For years the only solution was either a hysterectomy or the removal of the FIBROID TUMORS called Myomectomy. Now with the advent of radiofrequency therapy in the form of ACESSA. Patients go home the same day and are back to work in a matter of a few days.


accessa healthDr. Joseph Berenholz has performed thousands of laparoscopic procedures during his career. These range from laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomies to the removal of ovarian masses to the ablation of endometriosis and most recently and most innovatively ACESSA the radiofrequency therapy to shrink fibroid tumors. ACESSA reduces pain and bleeding in patients so significantly that many patients go on to cancel their scheduled hysterectomies.


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