Vaginal Rejuvenation Michigan | Labiaplasty | GYN | Farmington Hills, MI

Our Facility

Dr. Berenholz is the medical director of the Michigan Center for Women’s Health in Farmington Hills Michigan, a northwest suburb of Detroit. This 3000 square-foot facility was designed to be environmentally friendly and warm and welcoming for its patients. With an in-house operating room and advanced ultrasound Doppler room as well as a treatment room for both UltraFemme 360 radiofrequency for Vaginal rejuvenation and the Emsella chair for incontinence, Dr. Berenholz’s Office offers the warmth and professionalism that women can expect.

Our Location

Michigan Center for Women’s Health
30445 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 100
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Ofiice door of Dr. Berenholz
office view of DR.Berenholz
emsella chair in Room