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For the past 42 years, Doctor Joseph Berenholz that’s right has been an outspoken advocate for women’s health and wellbeing. Over 25 years ago, Dr. Berenholz became the first specialty certified physician in Michigan in the field of Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery. Having trained with Doctor David Matlock of Beverly Hills CA, Dr. Berenholz opened the first Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute in the state of Michigan. At that time, cosmetic gynecology had not even been heard of in the Midwest United States. Additional to his training, Doctor Berenholz trained with the famous Doctor Red Alinsod, the author of the textbook Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery, in Laguna Beach, California. These national figures in the world of cosmetic gynecology laid the groundwork for Dr. Berenholz to subsequently perform nearly 4000 cosmetic gynecologic procedures helping numerous women achieve their esthetic goals.

Pioneer in cosmetic gynecology for the Midwest United States

Most recently, Dr. Berenholz has published the first paper in the world on the use of High Intensity Electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of urinary incontinence. (See

Dr. Berenholz has been a pioneer in cosmetic gynecology for the Midwest United States and with mentors like doctors Red Alinsod, the inventor of ThermiVa and David Matlock, Dr. Berenholz has been able to spread the word of cosmetic gynecology and bring relief and solutions to thousands of women.

Published Papers by Dr. Berenholz

Founder of The Michigan Center for Women's Health

Since the early years, Dr. Berenholz founded the Michigan Center for Women’s Health. He has become one of the leading national thought leaders in the field of cosmetic gynecology and has helped train other aspiring young physicians for a career in this field. Doctor Berenholz approach to his patient clientele can best be described by many of his reviewers.” He listens to what I have to say and works diligently to get the results that I’m looking for.” It is this empathic approach to patient care that has made Dr. Berenholz so very well appreciated by his patients. His empathic approach to his patients uses a holistic approach by addressing their needs from a biological, psychological and social perspective. In other words, he treats the patient as a “whole person” with patience and compassion. Doctor Berenholz is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as a member of the Michigan State Medical Society as well as the Oakland County Medical Society of Michigan. His training includes residencies in both internal medicine, trauma surgery, and four years of obstetrics and gynecology. He has published several papers in the realm of Urogynecology and has been a national speaker for various pharmaceutical companies as well as medical device corporations. His undergraduate training included University of Michigan, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara medical school as well as residencies in both Sinai Hospital of Detroit and Providence hospital in Southfield, Michigan.

Caring Doctor and Staff - what Patients are saying

“Dr. Berenholz cares so much about his patients and will make whatever problem you have, better.  He doesn’t just perform procedures, he changes lives one woman at a time.  You won’t find a better surgeon or kinder person to perform this procedure on you!  I had been in contact with the staff at LVRI of Michigan for years and she was so patient with all my questions and concerns.  She coordinated everything perfectly.  I was able to show up and have everything done the same day.  The team at the Surgery Center was top notch.  I never doubted for a second that I was in the best hands possible.  If you are considering having this procedure, do it and by Dr. Berenholz!”

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