Meet Dr. Berenholz

Joseph Berenholz has been a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist for 37 years. During this time he has perform thousands of reconstructive surgeries of the female pelvis. 17 years ago he interrupted his practice to train with Dr. David Matlock of TV fame Beverly Hills 90210. It was then that Dr. Berenholz returned to Michigan and became the first cosmetic gynecologic physician in the Midwest United States to introduce laser vaginal rejuvenation as well as designer laser labiaplasty. His vaginalplasty technique was the first time that women in this region of the country were able to obtain a solution to their vaginal relaxation and discontent. Dr. Berenholz has performed over 2000 vaginoplasties and labiaplasties. He has performed a similar number of mid-urethral sling’s for incontinence and has spoken throughout the United States and Canada addressing the subject of noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation and other restorative procedures for women.

Most recently, Dr. Berenholz has published the first paper in the world on the use of High Intensity Electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of urinary incontinence. (See

Dr. Berenholz has been a pioneer in cosmetic gynecology for the Midwest United States and with mentors like doctors Red Alinsod, the inventor of ThermiVa and David Matlock, Dr. Berenholz has been able to spread the word of cosmetic gynecology and bring relief and solutions to thousands of women.

Dr Berenholz, surgeon, lecturer

“Dear Dr. Berenholz,
I want to thank you for changing my life with the LVR surgery you performed on me.
As you know, I was hesitant and researched many doctors before committing to you. From the very first to the last visit I always felt my health was of utmost concern in your office. Your staff is very professional and caring. As you know, most women who finally make it to your office have already been to their doctors complaining of all the things only a doctor like you can fix. How sad it is that most doctors dismiss the concerns of their patients as “normal”. Thank you for explaining, in detail, what you could and could not fix for me.

Women who have undergone LVR are in a sorority of sorts, hard to explain but once you have the surgery you know it was worth it. You are truly a talented man and I thank you.”
K.C. from Michigan